Google’s Self-Driving Car Accident Lawyer

In December 2016, Google branched their self-driving car project out into an independent company called Waymo.

Google’s Self-Driving Fleet

Waymo has used a variety of automobiles for their test runs.

  • Toyota Prius – the first vehicles used in 2009 were these hybrid vehicles retrofitted with self-driving technology.
  • Lexus RX450H – this fleet of hybrid SUVs became prevalent in 2012, as their self-driving technology was tested on highways, and then later on more complex city streets and road.
  • Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid – the newest addition to Waymo’s autonomous fleet, these vehicles were built with the partnership of Chrysler, implementing a fully-integrated hardware suite that allows full autonomy on the road.

The Numbers Behind Waymo’s Self-Driving Cars

There is no autonomous vehicle company in the world with as much experience as Waymo.

  • As of May 2017, Waymo’s fleet of autonomous vehicles have travelled more than 3 million miles. It took them six years to reach the first million miles – and only 7 months to reach their third million miles.
  • Since initially starting testing at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA, they’ve expanded to three other locations, including Kirkland, WA, Austin, TX, and the metropolitan Phoenix area in AZ.
  • Last year, Waymo’s vehicles drove a total of 636,000 miles, and had 124 disengagements, where a human driver had to take over because of computer error or miscalculation. Each of those 124 disengagements could have potentially led to an accident if a human had not been present behind the wheel.

Looking to the Future for Google/Waymo

Waymo is looking to make fully autonomous vehicles a reality. This year, they launched an “early rider” program in the Phoenix metropolitan area, where passengers can sign up for an opportunity to use Waymo’s self-driving vehicles for their everyday commutes.

Waymo doesn’t intend to make safer automobiles, but rather wants to create safer drivers. Instead of selling vehicles, it intends to sell the technology necessary to fully automate vehicles and make them safer for the drivers and passengers inside of them.

In a Car Accident with a Google Self-Driving Vehicle? We Can Help.

According to the California DMV, there are currently 180 prototype autonomous vehicles being tested on CA roads – and 77 of those are currently owned by Waymo. If you’ve been in a car accident with one of these self-driving cars, the office of Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger can help. Our team of automobile injury lawyers understand the engineering behind self-driving cars, including the various ways the technology can fail and cause injury. Our car injury legal team has a combined 60 years of experience recovering damages and compensation for serious collisions – and we always stay up to date with the most recent rules and regulations surrounding self-driving cars.

Call us at (415) 889-2919 today for a free consultation, and a chance at getting the compensation you deserve.


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